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LRC Policies

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:  
8:00-4:30 (open late for ASAP)
Wednesday, Friday:  8:00-3:25

Books can be checked out for a period of 3 weeks.
A student can have up to 3 books checked out at a time.

GENERAL POLICIES (especially before school)
  • All students are expected to sit at tables or in the reading area in sight of the circulation desk, not on the floor and/or in the shelving area.
  • Foul or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  • Please feel free to listen to music on your headphones at a reasonable volume while working or reading, but no videos or music that are playing without headphones will be allowed.
  • Accepting or making phone calls is only allowed during school in the front office and NEVER in the LRC.
Online passes can be requested on days the LRC is open during CCT for the following purposes ONLY:
  • Using a Chromebook for homework, projects, papers
  • Working with a group on a project
  • Working on homework, projects, papers
CCT teachers will write passes to the LRC for the following purposes:
  • 5-minute print pass
  • Book returns/renewals/check-outs (one student per CCT at a time)
CCT Policies
  • All students will be seated at a table or in the reading area.
  • Online pass students will remain in the LRC until 3:10.
  • CCT in the LRC will not be utilized as a time to meet up and hang out.
  • Students coming in on a pass will be there for print trips or book trips ONLY and are expected to utilize their time quickly and efficiently.
  • Those who fail to adhere to these guidelines will be placed on LRC pass restriction.