Certificate of Employability

The purpose of the Certificate of Employability program is to familiarize students with the expectations of the workforce and to help equip them for that first job and beyond. Students will hear from owners and managers in the local business community who will teach them the skills required to work in jobs such as retail, fast food, sit-down dining, and more. Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Certificate of Employability which they can attach to job applications in order to show employers that they put in the extra effort to be their best. 


Here are some of the skills the program will be discussing:

  • Time & attendance

  • Customer service/presentation

  • Appropriate appearance

  • New hire paperwork

  • Understanding your rights as a worker

  • Tips for listening, following directions, and taking initiative

  • Respect at the workplace

We look forward to providing this valuable program to our freshmen this year at CCHS!