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Mrs. Stith's Page

Hi! I'm Mrs. Lisa Stith, and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences courses at Coal City High School.  These courses include Foods and Nutrition 1, Foods and Nutrition 2, Child Development 1, Child Development 2,  Styles and Textiles, and Personal Living.
I have my bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and my master's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Western Michigan University.
My hobbies include: traveling, baking, and spending time with my family!
Contact information:
Phone: 815-634-2396 ext 7105
Semester 2: A Day Schedule 2019/2020 Semester 2: B Day Schedule 2019/2020
1A                     Foods & Nutrition 2
1B                  Foods & Nutrition 2
2A                     Child Development 2B                  Styles & Textiles
3A                     Plan 3B                  Child Development 2
4A                    Foods & Nutrition 1 4B                  Plan
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