Mrs. Hayse, ELA Home

My name is Emily Hayse, and I am an experienced educator, coach, and facilitator. Driven by my love of students and books, I take pride in providing the best education possible. As a teacher, my goals include creating student-centered, highly engaging content and breaking down difficult concepts into manageable chunks. In addition to my primary job responsibilities, I also serve on the Student Assistance Program (SAP), and I am the varsity Scholastic Bowl coach.
I have been recognized by Collin Keppner as a teacher of the month for my extraordinary commitment to helping students succeed in his class. In addition, I have completed my second year of National Boards, and I will be receiving my scores in December. I attended Blackburn College and have a B.S. in Secondary English Education with a Written Communications Minor. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
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