Mrs. Czernicki's Page

Hello :) My name is Kaitlyn Czernicki. I teach science classes at CCHS that include Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, and Science of the Modern World.
My Schedule:
A Days B Days
1A - Honors Chemistry 1B - Plan
2A - Plan 2B - Honors Chemistry
3A - Honors Physics 3B - Science of the Modern World
4A - Honors Chemistry 4B - Honors Chemistry
Honors Chemistry:
Hi everyone!
I know this E-Learning is going to be weird, but here's what I'm expecting from everyone this week:
1. I want you to practice calculating the standard enthalpy of reaction that we discussed last class. I've posted an assignment here that will help explain and gives practice problems (with a key). Contact me if you have ANY questions over this practice.
2. I expect you to know the difference between endothermic and exothermic changes and be able to identify which is with based on 1) change in temperature, 2) provided or calculated ∆H values (see slideshow if you need to refresh your memory, 3) energy graphs (again, see slideshow). All of this was covered before we left for this "break". I just want to make sure it stays in your head. 
3. Watch review videos on topics that you are rusty on or never quite understood before. I've posted a bunch of common topics in Google Classroom, but I'm happy to make a video or find a relevant video for you if there's a topic you need help in that I didn't post already. I DO NOT expect you to watch every single video I posted. I just wanted to cover my bases.
4. Contact me for any and all questions that you have. I will do everything I can to help you out!
Honors Physics:
Our next unit is electrostatics. To help us introduce the unit faster once we are back in school, please read through at least a few sections of the page on electrostatics (link on Google Classroom). There is also a packet posted in the Classroom to help guide you through the lessons on the I do not expect this entire packet completed upon return. We will be using it as practice problems and notes throughout our unit. It would be nice if you reviewed the different types of charges and the different ways to charge an object before we return.
Let me know if you have any questions at all. 
P.S. We will still have our day in the park :) 
Science of the Modern World:
After we return from break, we're going to start sharing articles in each class of current events in science. To help expose ourselves to the current science around us, while we're out of school, use or the LRC's databases to find one new science-related article a day. Read the article and highlight the main idea from each one. Think about what effect this news will have on your lives, our society, etc. 
There is also an assignment on Google Classroom to continue learning about alternative energy sources. We started the documentary before we left school. The assignment has you watch a few short videos to give you background on the different types of energy resources that our documentary would have gone into. Just follow the instructions on the classroom.