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Parent Opportunities


Parental support and participation is VITAL to our success!  Please support our efforts to provide the best possible educational opportunities and experiences by:

  • Encouraging active participation in all Band activities

  • Encouraging practice at home (it is our version of homework!); it is also the only way to progress within the structure of the program.

  • Supporting (through words and actions) the Band leadership of staff, students, and volunteers (a.k.a. – you can call an administrator with good news too!)

  • Guiding students to manage their time wisely and complete all school assignments in a timely and professional manner; we hold study halls – encourage their use!

  • Making sure students are where they need to be, when they need to be. We have an active, though consistent schedule; please follow the schedule closely to make sure your student attends all rehearsals and performances. Our courses and activities are all performance based and those performances are paramount to receiving course credit. Please look through the entire schedule before the season begins and communicate any conflicts with the Director immediately.

  • Providing financial resources by participating in fundraisers and/or paying all fees on time.

  • Communicating any questions, concerns, conflicts or problems as soon as they happen; consider us in a long-term relationship (say four years) – don’t leave the bandroom upset or confused – let’s talk. Positive comments are also encouraged if you feel that some aspect of the program is going particularly well.

  • Attending as many performances as your schedule permits. Teenagers sometimes say they don’t want you there, but the truth is that your presence means a lot to them. In a few years, they will likely not remember their scores or how the band placed, but they will ALWAYS remember that you were there for them!

  • ·VOLUNTEERING to help with dinners, fundraisers, sewing flags, fitting uniforms, moving equipment, building props, organizing carpools, chaperoning, etc. For those who choose to become involved, the band becomes like a second family. We want all of our members to be and feel like part of our family!


A crucial component of a healthy and successful school organization is an active parent support group. The Coal City High School music boosters exist to provide support for the CCHS Band Program and Choral Program. The Music Boosters fundraise to provide opportunities for the music students that cannot be provided through the school district funding alone. This parent organization is the support mechanism and back bone of all we do in our band department. Without volunteer support we would not be able to go on trips, hold events, and purchase equipment for our yearly needs. Therefore, each parent that has a child in the band department is encouraged to become involved in some way with the Music Boosters. It is a great place to meet people, add to the existing excellence, and present new ideas for making things go even smoother. The Music Boosters have previously assisted the band program through marching band uniform fittings, supplying snacks and water at games, competitions and camp, instruments and equipment, jazz concerts, scholarships, festivals, guest clinicians, guest artists, instructional staff for the Marching Coalers, band banquet, volunteers and end-of-the-year awards. 


Music Booster Board of Directors

The Music Boosters are led by a Board of Directors who are elected each year. Members of the Board of Directors include: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  This years Board of directors includes:


President- Amy Kostbade

Vice President- Jill Foster

Secretary- Heather Kuhel-Kruszewski

Treasurer- Julie Vanek


Want to stay on top of when meetings are?

1. Use the Coal City High School Bands Google Calendar

2. Join the Facebook Group