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Ms. Connelly's Ensembles

Our Mission

The Coal City High School band department ensures to provide unique and excellent musical experiences to help students grow not only as a musician but also as a mature adult. To accomplish this, the bandsmen and staff of the Coaler bands must exhibit persistence, musicianship, kindness, organization and dedication. The goal of our Coaler bands program is to make sure that each student leaves with experiences and skills to help them build a better future through music. We as the department of bands welcome you to the Coaler Band family and welcome you on our mission to provide excellence in our performance and kindness in our community.

Our Objectives

  1. To develop and refine technical ability for each individual student.
  2. To grow background and contextual knowledge on compositions and composers.
  3. To provide an outlet for individual and group expression.
  4. To practice proper ensemble playing techniques and strategies.
  5. To address multiple aspects of playing an instrument such as, but not limited to: tone quality, intonation, phrasing, dynamics, articulation, maintenance, ect.
  6. To provide musical services for community events.
  7. To provide multiple performance opportunities in different venues and locations.
  8. To create an environment that promotes individual and group expression.

The Coal City Marching Coalers are recognized as one of the top high school marching band units in the Midwest. Very popular on the competitive Illinois Marching Band circuit, the Marching Coalers travel throughout the area during the fall season, performing a show that is approximately 8 minutes in length and features the talents of the CCHS musicians and color guard. 

Most wind and percussion instruments are represented in the marching band. The battery includes snares, tenors, and basses. The winds are made up of flutes, clarinets, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, trumpets, mellophones (French horns), trombones, baritones, and sousaphones (tubas). The front ensemble includes stationary percussion instruments such as synthesizer, timpani, and keyboard percussion. Those musicians who play an instrument not traditionally represented in the marching band are encouraged to try a new instrument or consider joining the color guard. Marching Band is a fall co-curricular activity that is part of the Marching/Concert Band class.




All performances listed are for archival purposes only!

2006-2007 Show

2007-2008 Show "Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba"

2009-2010 Show "Riverdance"

2011-2012 Show "The Spy"

2016-2017 Show "Everyone Wants to Rule the World"

2017-2018 Show "007" 

2018-2019 Show "Angels and Demons"

2019-2020 Show "Mask Of Zorro"

Morton Invitational:

Plainfield South:

2020-2021 Show "FLIGHT!"

CCHS Concert Band is a part of the Marching/Concert Band class offered at CCHS. Concert Band meets during the 2B block. Performance is the focal point of this class. Students are evaluated by their in‐class and out‐of‐class preparation. During August, September, and October, the content of the class is balanced between concert band and marching band music as deemed necessary by the directors.  Concert Band plays music from not only traditional western music repertoire, but branches into eastern world music, new genre band pieces, and is in works to commission new pieces of music. 



All performances listed are for archival purposes only!

April 2008 Competition in Manteno

"Fanfare and Flourishes"

"A Longford Legend"

"An American Elegy"

Winter 2020 Virtual Concert

March 2021 Preview Concert

Pep Band is co-curricular with our Marching/Concert Band. Pep Band plays at most all of the home Men and Women Coalers Basketball games.  



All performances listed are for archival purposes only!

Fall 2020 Lady Coalers Tennis Match

"Fight Song/Hey Song"


Spring 2021 Basketball Track Recordings

"Fight Song/Hey Song"

"Star Spangled Banner"

Musical "Pit" Band is an auditioned ensemble that meets in January, February, and March to practice and prepare for the upcoming High School Musical. Recent Shows include: Hunchback of Norte Dame, Les Mis, Little Shop of Horrors, Tuck Everlasting and Beauty and the Beast. 

Jazz Band is open to any Coal City High School student. Repertoire includes swing, rock, funk, fusion, and other jazz idioms. They perform at the Holiday Concert, Fine Arts Festival, and Spring Concerts as well as jazz festivals around the Chicagoland area.



All performances listed are for archival purposes only!