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Remote Learning Archive

Google Classroom assignments from March 17 - April 4:
Spanish 1 - So many questions (1) & vocabulary definitions (2)
Spanish 2 - Robo summary (1) & Robo quiz (2)
Spanish 1 & 2: You need to create your account on www.senorwooly.com (using the code given on Classroom) and complete the 3 assignments there. It might be helpful to write your password in a note on your phone, in case you forget it. Ensuing assignments will be postponed to allow more students to complete these first 3 assignments.
Spanish 1 story is called "Pan"
Spanish 2 story is called "Las Excusas"
See Classroom for further info, and contact me via email with any questions or concerns. 
Students should be finished with senorwooly nuggets 1-6.  Please email me if you need help.
Students should be finished with their 30-second video recording on flipgrid talking about their activities during quarantine. Instructions on Classroom.
Sp1 & Sp2 students should be finished with chapter 4b vocab descriptions - due May 11.  See Classroom for details.